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July 2023 Edition
Warfighter Mobility, Antennas/Terminals, RF/Microwave/Laser/Optical Comms, Airborne Comms, Military Broadband Technologies
Dispatches I, Ariane • Aurora • CesiumAstro • GuardianSat • EM Solutions • Electro Optic Systems • iDirect Government
Milsat and Government News by the Editors
Dispatches II, Hypersonix • IAI • Innoflight • L3Harris • Lockheed Martin + Lockheed Martin • Northrop Grumman • SES Space & Defense • Quasi-Zenith Satellite System
Milsat and Government News by the Editors
Constructing Better Satellite Terminal SWAP, Karl Fuchs, Senior Vice President of Technology, iDirectGov + MilsatMagazine Senior Contributor
Radio frequency (RF) components, which are fundamental to satellite terminal design, have lagged behind in terms of innovation.
Space Systems Command (SSC) Leading The Way, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command
Space Systems Command (SSC) has delivered two, U.S. Space Force (USSF), sensor payloads to Japan.
Smarter MILSATCOM: Intelligent, multi-orbit ground solution set to transform warfighter mobility and mission agility, John Lane, Chief Sales Engineer, ALL.SPACE
Military commanders need to coordinate operations with hundreds of aircraft or vehicles and thousands of soldiers.
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) — 100 Years Strong!, Megan Gilliland, Head, Public Affairs, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
The laboratory’s two original divisions — Radio and Sound — pioneered in the fields of high-frequency radio and underwater sound propagation. 
COMMAND CENTER: Luciano Giesso, Head of Sales Global Governments Satellogic
Satellogic is well positioned to meet customers at the intersection where the need for scalable capacity, high-quality imagery, and lower prices converge. 
Government Satellite Report, David Pesgraves
Space has shifted away from being a benign domain to an extremely competitive operating environment.
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