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FOCUS ON... ISCe 2008
Triple Show Bonanaza

Tracking down information of use in our daily endeavors within the satellite communications and ancillary business arenas can be time consuming and difficult. There are a myriad of details to handle, from securing non-disclosure agreements, signing national security papers, and making certain all of our connections are “secure”. Not an easy task, yet one we have to accomplish to ensure long-term viability, trust and competency in this amazing business.

There is a surefire method of gaining knowledge; a process highly acclaimed for to its personal aspects… one-on-one, one-to-many… and that is through the auspices of a conference. If you have a desire to acquire the ultimate in information and gain access to the satcom industry, the best venue is the ISCe 2008 International Conference & Exhibition, sponsored by Hannover Fairs USA, Inc. The conference will be held at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina in San Diego, California, June 10th through 12th.

This is much more than a single conference. This year’s event will include three conferences in one. They include the 7th annual ISCe 2008 conference, the 26th annual AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), and the 2nd Annual Navy SATCOM Users Workshop, all having joined forces under one roof.

What a tremendous and rare opportunity to network with “those in the know”. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend information-rich sessions and to view, for yourself, many of the products being discussed in the conference’s exhibit hall.

At ISCe 2008, military and government end-users, commercial satellite operators, as well as decision makers from the global satellite industry, will be on hand for this world-class program. Learn about the increasing number of opportunities awaiting your business acumen in the satellite and hybrid network arena.

ISCe 2008 Chairman David Bross took the time to answer some questions for us regarding ISCe and the role it plays in today’s satcom environment.

David, each year it seems as though the number of attendees, speakers and exhibitors at the ISCe conference grows… is this due to the international nature of our business segment?

After surveying our ISCe attendees last year (as well as our exhibitors, sponsors and supporting organizations) we decided to partner with our friends at AIAA, the California Space Authority, the Satellite Industry Association (SIA) and the Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR) to position the ISCe conference as the premier annual conference focusing exclusively on commercial-military satellite issues and opportunities for buyers and sellers of commercial satellite capacity.

How did the amalgamation of the three conferences occur and merge under the ISCe banner?

We had been in discussions with our partners for more than a year and decided, as an industry team, that this conference would be the best vehicle in which to drive value for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. Plus, San Diego is the perfect venue for this type of event given the proximity of SPAWAR and the support of the CSA.

During the three days of the conference, there are a variety of interesting sessions to those in the business of milsatcom, whether on the military or commercial side. Could you enlighten us as to some of the topics to be presented?

ISCe 2008 will be broken into three distinct parts: the ICSSC colloquium and conference; the ISCe Day 1 “Continuity of Government Forum”, co-sponsored by GVF and the World Teleport Association (WTA); the ISCe Day 2 “Military Government & Requirements Forum”; and the Navy SATCOM “Users Workshop”, sponsored by the SIA and SPAWAR. Each of these programs will feature the top-notch speakers representing government and military officials interacting with senior executives from commercial satellite companies in a unique, interactive setting.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Communications and Continuity of Government: An Overview
  • Expecting the Worst: Emergency Management Communications in Uncertain Times
  • Disaster Communications: Rewriting the Rules, Setting the Parameters Communications and Border Security: It’s More Than Just Building a Fence
  • Energy Source and Infrastructure Protection
  • SIA’s Annual “State-of-the-Industry Report”
  • DoD’s Double Imperative: Global Connectivity at Higher Speeds...in an Age of Cyber Threats
  • Coordinating The “Comms”: PACOM; STRATCOM; CENTCOM; NORTHCOM; EUCOM DISA Overview
  • The View From Wall Street & DISA—The Analysts Speak

We noticed that on June 12, the SIA and SPAWAR are holding their 2nd annual Navy SATCOM Users Workshop. Is this open to all registered attendees?

As in previous years, all of the conferences held in conjunction with ISCe will be open to all full-conference registrants. Additionally, we will admit anyone with a valid military or government I.D. into both the conference and exhibit hall for free for the entire three-day event.

How was San Diego selected for this year’s exhibition?

Throughout its seven-year existence, ISCe has been a California-based show and will continue to be held in California. The conference launched in Long Beach, Calif., in 2001 and remained there for its first four years. For the past two years, the conference has been held in San Diego and will be again this year.

What is the best way for interested folk to obtain ISCe information, conference registration, and hotel information/registration?

The fastest and easiest way to obtain information on the conference and to register for the event (and obtain housing) is to visit our web site: www.isce.com. We look forward to welcoming SatNews there and all of your readers, as well. See you in San Diego, June 10-12!

Thanks for chatting with us, David. For a complete listing of the ISCe 2008 schedule, go to http://www.isce.com/program — to register for the show, access http://www.isce.com/registration.

ISCe is the premiere West Coast satellite and communications event and highlights satellite-based services as well as the technologies and services and solutions for military, commercial, civil and consumer industries. This year’s program should be of interest to all, especially given its location and outstanding sessions. We certainly hope we can meet you at ISCe 2008.