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Editor Letter
I hope you have already availed yourselves of the gigantic, info-packed December 2007 issue of SatMagazine, our YEAR IN REVIEW issue. That particular issue offered satcom and ancillary business expertise from those who know best—the companies who successfully maintained and sustained throughout 2007. In addition, those fine folk also offering a look into this New Year, this 2008, and offered their prognostications for a most interesting read! The power of the experts is yours to read, digest and use in your daily work at the SatMagazine website.

However, there’s even more company news that should be especially of value to our readers! Our publishing company’s creative director, Simon, has designed and created a complete magazine-on-a-website... no longer will you have to download a “.pdf” file to read MilsatMagazine or SatMagazine. Simon has created the code enabling our thousands of readers to approach and enjoy our publications ONLINE in magazine format. Incorporated into this online mix are easy to use navigation buttons that’ll have you cruising through feature articles, columns, news and more, quickly and easily. In fact, reading MilsatMagazine and SatMagazine is now similar to the way in which you’ve been reading our daily and weekly news at our news website.

We hope you enjoy the new online format and find the content stimulating, usable and pertinent to your work. Yes, you may continue to download the “.pdf”—we believe you will find the new online format extremely easy to use, but it is always nice to have a choice—you can also print and/or email each article directly from the webpage, or forward the “.pdf” to associates. Your comments are always welcome.

Additionally, I wish to again offer my “open door” policy… if you wish to write a feature article, an op-ed piece, a spotlight, suggest an interview, send news or company event information, please do so! Simply send an email to me so I may review your proposal and reply to you as soon as is possible. I would also be pleased to forward to any requestors our editorial calendar for 2008 as well as our author’s guidelines… and they are just that, guidelines. I look forward to hearing from you regarding that.

This issue offers a superb lineup of articles with a focus on the military side of satcom. Leading the article parade are our three PRIORITY BRIEFINGS WITH… features. An interview with Colonel David Uhrich, Vice Commander, Military Satellite Communications System Wing of the Space and Missile Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, leads the way. Robert Canty, the Director of DoD Systems, of Space Systems, Raytheon, is our second interview and he reviews his company’s contract for the nexgen Global Positioning System Control Segment and other issues. Our third PRIORITY BRIEFINGS WITH offers a follow-up interview with Marc Le Gare, the CEO of Proactive Communications Inc., and a veteran in every sense of the word within the satcom industry.

Other superb content offerings include
  • Dr. Axel Jahn, the Managing Director of TriaGnoSys writes concerning Satellite Communications For Hostile Environments
  • Satellite Network Acceleration by Nick Yurin, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Global Protocols, Inc.
  • iDirect’s Karl Fuchs, the company’s Director of Federal Systems Engineering, discusses Comms On The Move
  • Dr. Len Losik, the founder of Failure Analysis, reveals the whys-wherefores-and how-comes of failure prediction technology for military satellites and rockets
  • A chilly case study involving a kayaking team from the Royal Navy in the Antarctic
  • A military satellite focus on AEHF
  • In addition, of course, some news you can use.
Thanks for joining us, once again, and don’t forget to write… let us know your thoughts regarding our content, let me know if you wish to contribute, but most of all, my best wishes to each and every one of you for a prosperous and happy NEW YEAR!

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