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June 2024 Edition
Emergency Comms, NGOs/First Responders, Program Management, Strategic Planning
Space Systems Command Briefing — Code Warriors, Code Warriors
Potential adversaries are relentlessly conducting malicious cyber activity across all sectors of the United States’ infrastructure.
Karl Fuchs’ Forward Observer: , Securing The Battlefield: Electronic Warfare (EW) Countermeasures
Karl Fuchs, Senior Vice President of Technology, iDirect Government,
and Senior Columnist for MilsatMagazine
SATCOM’s Critical Role In Disaster Recovery, Nimrod Kapon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OASIS Networks
Satellite connectivity has several distinctive features that make it suited for use in disaster situations.
Navigating A Multi-Domain Environment + A Congested Electromagnetic Spectrum, Christian Rex-Nielsen, Operations Manager, Quadsat
Operating In A Multi-Domain Environment
Dispatches I , Space Development Agency • Optical Surfaces Ltd. • KRYTAR • GMV • GA-ASI • Space Systems Command
Military and Government SatCom News
Dispatches II, Iridium Communications • Reticulate Micro • Hera Testing • Applied Research • Applied Research
Military and Government SatCom News
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