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Military Missions and Launch Sector, SIGINT/HUMINT, Interference, Operational Strategies
Dispatches I, Slingshot Aerospace • NATO’s Future Surveillance • Boeing’s Millennium Space Systems • Mission Data • SES acquires DRS Global Enterprise Solutions • U.S. Space Force
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches II, Integrasys + MUSA • Australian Government + Gilmour Space • Viasat + Inmarsat • Telesat Gov • SCOUT + USSPACECOM • Viasat
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches III, CopaSAT • General Raymond, USSF • Isotropic Systems • Spire Global • USSF + Boeing
Government and Industry News from the Editors
SATCOM Border Monitoring In The New Age, Alexandre Silva, Government and Defense Business Development, Defense Product Owner, SpaceBridge
The SpaceBridge disaster-ready architecture is designed to deal with high-risk scenarios.
Space Sustainability in the Wake of Russia’s ASAT Tests, Author: Charlie McGillis, Vice President of Partnerships, Slingshot Aerospace
Russia destroyed a defunct Soviet satellite orbiting at an altitude of 480 km
RF Spectrum Monitoring: A Spire Global Focus, Jeroen Cappaert, Chief Technical Officer, Spire Global
Spire Global Inc. is a satellite-powered data company that uses a large, distributed constellation of satellites to persistently collect radio frequency (RF) data at a global scale in near-real time. 
Focus: GISS, Michal Mazurek, Senior Sales + Business Manager
Military satellite communication (MILSATCOM) technology is the most important communication system available on the modern battlefield.
COMMAND CENTER: Carol M. Craig, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Sidus Space
Carol M. Craig holds the position of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Sidus Space, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer at Craig Technical Consulting, Inc.
Intel: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), AFRL editorial team
Since the inception of GPS, it has become a global utility with commercial use far outweighing military use.
Next-Generation Polar Is Indispensable In Highly Contested Space, Northrop Grumman Editorial Team
The Next-Generation Polar (NGP) satellites act as a spotter, surveying an enormous swath of the Northern Hemisphere from an orbit more than 20,000 miles from Earth.
Government Satellite Report, Leveraging Commercial Industry Would Deliver Space Superiority
Measures that would need to be taken to accelerate the change that will lead to U.S. superiority in the space domain. 
"Encapsulation 101”—What is it and why does it matter?, United States Space Force (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC)
Encapsulation is when the payload is surrounded by the “fairing” — a smooth, protective cover 
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