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Milsat News and Products of Note
A Winning Blueprint: How industry delivers innovation delivers a unified, government SATCOM architecture, By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat Government
For all of the times we refer to “SATCOM” in our industry, the term really does not sufficiently describe what we do. SATCOM, of course, is shorthand for “satellite communications.” However, we are about far more than satellites.
An Integrated MILSATCOM View On...The future Tactical Communications Network topology and applications, By Cristi Damian, Vice President Business Development and Marketing, Advantech Wireless
Recent geopolitical developments fueled by both regional conflicts and an increased state of political instability have highlighted serious gaps in both technical capabilities and acquisition policies within several large NATO members’ procurement agencies.
An Out of This World Idea: Blockchain and space..., By David Logsdon, Executive Director, Space Enterprise Council and Senior Director, Emerging Technologies, CompTIA
Blockchain technology is one of most hyped technologies to emerge in the last few decades.
Command Center: Chris Pogue, President, MDA Government
On June 12, 2018, Maxar Technologies’ MDA appointed Chris Pogue as the President of MDA Government.
The Current State of Space Situational: A Space Data Association Focus, By Dr. Mark Dickinson, Chairman, Space Data Association
Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is absolutely critical for safety of flight — SSA always been important, helping satellite operators determine the precise location of other objects in space, thus reducing the risk of collision. As space gets more and more crowded, this is becoming increasingly challenging. Ensuring the correct SSA tools and processes are in place is more important now than ever before.
Satellite M2M and the Government: Accelerating national interests with remote Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, By Jassem Nasser, Chief Strategy Officer, Thuraya
Little did Kevin Ashton know in 1999 that a catchy term he once used in a presentation about tracking technology would captivate the tech world 15 years later.
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