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Comms & Tools: NGOs/First Responders
Dispatches Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
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Milsat News and Products of Note
Critical Events Require Efficient and Advanced Solutions—An Advantech Wireless Approach to Disaster Recovery, By Chris Chapman, Special Communications Advisor, Government and Defence, Advantech Wireless
An earthquake hits without warning, killing many and leaving thousands displace, without electricity or clean water—collapsed buildings leave tenants caught below the rubble and roads are all but unusable.
Constant Contact: These Four Attributes Are Crucial for an Emergency Services Organization, By Marty Lamb, Head of Software Engineering, and Don Gilbreath, Head of Media Services,

During the tragic events of September 11, 2001, many communications networks went down in the chaos, or became clogged up due to interference from the thousands of people attempting to reach loved ones—this meant many first responders were unable to communicate with one another or with their command centers, impeding rescue efforts.
Long Endurance UAS Missions—A Satcom Challenge. A Gilat Perspective, By Chaim Weinberger, Director for Defense and UAV SATCOM Products and Solutions, Gilat Satellite Networks
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have become an essential component of tactical military operations—also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft), these platforms offer defense organizations numerous advantages over manned platforms.
Restoring Comms: It Is About More Than Bandwidth—Securing Communications Can No Longer Be an Afterthought, By Nelson Santini, Vice President, Sales and Business Operations, Envistacom
Hurricane Sandy earned its place in history as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history, causing more than $60 billion in damages across the Northeast—second only to Hurricane Katrina. 
Supporting The Comms-On-The-Move User. Reviewing trusted technologies; Understanding newer claims, By Jim Chambers, Vice President of Engineering, XTAR
In today’s military and political environment, Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) is more important than ever before—the ability to maintain solid communications while moving across wide geographical areas is a large determinant of mission success—or failure.
The Role of SATCOM in Information Warfare, By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GSR, and Senior Contributor
Late in February, senior leaders from the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard descended on San Diego, California, for the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast—AFCEA West.
The Future of Airborne Intercommunication. An Orbit Communication Case Study, By Max Gadot, Director of Product Marketing, Airborne Communication Solutions, Orbit Communications
Airborne audio inter-communication systems are an integral and mission critical avionic component for aircraft flight safety and crew survivability—this is true for all manned aircraft categories including trainer and combat jets, helicopters, business jets, commercial airliners, transporters, tankers and special mission aircraft.
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