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Milsat News and Products of Note
Going Where Angels Fear To Tread: A CPI ASC Signal Division Focus, by Tony Russell, President, CPI ASC Signal Division
Disasters, natural or human-made, cause demand for communications to spike at precisely the time when the supply can drop perilously close to zero.
Why Ka-Band Has Emerged As Critical For UAS Missions An Inmarsat Focus, by Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat US Government Business
As global intelligence and warfighting operations are conducted increasingly through unmanned aircraft, the military is re-evaluating its future data and communication technology needs to support these efforts.
Secure and Resilient Free-Space Optical Communications: A Bridgesat Perspective, by David Mitlyng, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, BridgeSat, Inc.
Free space optical (laser) communications' systems are ideally suited to provide the secure, resilient, high-bandwidth communications demanded by today’s Warfighter and MILSATCOM community.
Innovation: The Versatility of Satellite Communications, by Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies
Communicating with satellites is immensely versatile as there are so many options for applications, bands and service tiers.
Addressing Military C4ISR Needs, and Trending: GEO + MEO Impact On the Feds, By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GSR, and Senior Contributor
Hollywood loves to use the old cliché where an underestimated individual fights to get everyone’s attention because — as the audience is already aware — they have the solution to the big problem that has everyone in danger.
The HPA Corner: Hosted Payload Prototypes and the Space Enterprise Consortium, by Colonel Jody Merritt, US Air Force
I had a chance to meet with the Hosted Payload Alliance during this year's Space Symposium in Colorado Springs to speak about the Space Enterprise Consortium.
How SATCOM Benefits APAC Government Services: A Speedcast Perspective, by Mike Carew, Vice President, Government Services, Speedcast
The need for satellite communications (SATCOM) in Australia and the APAC (APAX) region continues to increase.
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