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March 2022 issue
Dispatches I, NOAA + ULA • Boeing • Intelsat • USSPACECOM • Northrop Grumman
Defense and Government Information and News by the Editors
Dispatches II, Denmark • Custom Electronics • Combined Space Operations • BAE Systems • Space Development Agency
Defense and Government Information and News by the Editors
Dispatches III, General Atomics • Northrop Grumman • Soyuz • Curtiss-Wright • Leidos • XipLink • Horizon Technologies • Generals Brown + Raymond • Promin Aerospace + Ukranian Space Companies
Defense and Government Information and News by the Editors
Space Systems Command: Resilient By 2026, SSC Commander Discusses Emerging Threats To U.S. Space Assets + Interests
Lt. Gen. Michael A. Guetlein, commander, Space Systems Command (SSC), recently sat down with Jason Davidson, a member of the organization’s Public Affairs team
Space Systems Command: Missile Track Custody Demonstration Project Takes Digital Engineering to the Next Level, Space Systems Command (SSC) project in particular is working to take digital engineering to the next level
The Missile Track Custody Demonstration (MTCD) is
a prototyping effort to determine possible future satellite constellations supporting SSC’s Missile Warning and Missile Tracking mission.
What Does Shared Space Sustainability Look Like?, Melanie Stricklan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Aerospace
Companies race to take advantage of what is quickly becoming a precious resource — Earth’s orbit.
The Key Components Of MILSATCOM Transformation: Digitization + Virtualization, Dr. Juan Deaton, Senior Research Scientist, Envistacom
Satellite ground networks are in the midst of evolutionary challenges
Government Satellite Report #1, David Presgraves
Prioritizing Space Architecture Resiliency
Government Satellite Report #2, David Presgraves
Satellite Managed Services Take Off
Secure Wireless Solutions For Tactical, Expeditionary + Deployable Comms, Dominic Perez, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
This article compares various CSfC network architectures and proposes several approaches for CSfC solutions.
Interference: The Critical Threat For Defense Networks, Juan Manuel Martinez, Technical Director, INTEGRASYS
The need to guarantee the security of the network has led to an opportunity for new technologies.
Software Defined Radio For Data Streaming, Raw RF data (IQ Pairs) Vs. Processed Digital RF Data in SDR Applications
An SDR comprises a flexible radio front end (RFE) and a digital back end.
COMMAND CENTER: Tom Eaton, President, Telesat Government Solutions
Mr. Eaton is responsible for defining the government division’s commercial, operational and strategic activities.
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