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Emergency Comms and Tools, NGOs/First Responder
Dispatches Part I, Information & News by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
Dispatches Part II, Information & News by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
For Resilient Emergency Response Comms...Satellite is the new “Go To” Solution, By Doreet Oren, Product Marketing and Corporate Communications, Gilat Satellite Networks www.gilat.com/
Secure broadband connectivity can be a major challenge in homeland security and other emergency scenarios.
The Urgency, Necessity and Challenges of Enterprise SATCOM, By Mike Moran, Vice President, Space Strategies, Peraton www.peraton.com/

Within the SATCOM paradigm, retaining the option to tailor solutions that allow customers to control and manage specific capabilities remains a required construct.
The Advanced First Responder Vehicle: A prototype for the autonomous car, By Ben Posthuma, Connectivity Solutions Manager, Kymeta www.kymeta.com
“... vehicles will have sophisticated, high-speed systems and computers that generate, process, and transfer vast amounts of data.”
A Case for Space 2.o: How commercial networks can enhance U.S. Government capabilities., By Joseph Campagna, Chief Operating Officer, BridgeSat, Inc.
One of the best examples of a government-owned system made available commercially after a period of time is GPS (Global Positioning System)...
Igniting The Next Revolution...in satellite constellations., By Shey Sabripour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cesium Astro
During the past decade, three markets have pushed small form-factor COTS technologies to new levels: mobile consumer electronics, “intelligent” automotive systems and next-generation space capabilities.
OpEd: Life In A Post-JMS World—U.S. Space Superiority powered by ‘Agile’ acquisitions, By Colonel Jennifer Krolikowski, Senior Material Leader, Space C2, U.S.A.F.’s Space and Missile Systems Center/SY
In the world of space acquisitions, agility is a best practice. This is because software development and sustainment no longer follow the norms of the previous century. Repeatedly, the DoD has struggled with fielding software intensive programs in a timely fashion and within a reasonable cost.
COTM Land and Airborne Technologies, By Aaron Titus, Norsat International
...modern military mobility equipment users look toward SATCOM manufacturers to implement innovations in comms technology to deliver data to and from hostile environments without interruption.
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