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MilSat Symposium-Space Defense-Emergency Comms-NGOs/First Responders-Program Management-Strategic Planning
Dispatches Part I, OneWeb • Northrop Grumman • SpaceLink + Mynaric • Honeywell • Virgin Orbit
Information and News from the Editors
Dispatches Part II, Mynaric • Gilat • Viasat • Honeywell • LookingGlass • Solstar Space
Information and News from the Editors
SMC Heritage Center Demonstrates Why ‘Space Starts Here’, From earliest rockets to modern satellites, The Center Inspires future generations
The SMC Heritage Center is the place to learn about the rich history of the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC).
Fort MacArthur Show cases Evolution of Coastal Defense from U.S. Army Days to USSF, Originally designed with two, 14-inch fixed gun emplacements to defend against attacks by warships
Battery Osgood-Farley once housed two 14-inch disappearing guns.
Leveraging Commercial Innovation For Better Defense Networks, Karen Emery, Senior Director of Product Management, iDirect Government (iDirectGov)
Recent headlines concerned the identification of a Russian crime syndicate as the perpetrators of a cyberattack.
A Debriefing With Bill Milroy, Chairman & CT O, ThinKom Solutions
Subject: Antenna Technologies for Next-Gen COTM: Requirements and Solutions
Robust Network Auto-Commissioning for Military Operations,
Increasing robustness and real-time connectivity is a crucial need for the Government and Military Sector.
Government Satellite Report, Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GSR
Deployed Warfighters Need A Taste Of Home Via Satellite.
A Battlefield Gamechanger: The Promise of 5G, Mike Young, Director of Advanced Programs, Envistacom and Senior Contributor, MilsatMagazine
Across the U.S. military today, there’s extensive discussion — and investment — in technologies leaders hope will deliver the decisive advantage. In an increasingly competitive threat landscape, technologies that link operations across domains and provide actionable intelligence in real-time are at the top of every service’s wish list.
Keeping Sensitive Data Safe Relies On Satellite Security, Thorsten Stremlau, Trusted Computing Group (TCG), Marketing Work Group Chair
Through open standards and specifications, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enables secure computing. 
A Whole-Of-Nation In -Space Logistics System, Steven J. Butow, Director, Space Portfolio, Defense Innovation Unit; Dr. Rogan Shimmin, Program Director, Defense Innovation Unit; Dr. Roesler, President, Robots in Space LLC
The attention of the world was recently captivated by the fate of a large Chinese rocket booster precariously tumbling back to the Earth’s surface.
LEO Satellite Connectivity Re-imagined Continuous Comms with Solstar Critical Data Relay, Brian Barnett, Co-Founder and Chief Executive officer, Solstar Space
Eliminating the limiting factor for LEO Satellite COMMs
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