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Origins: iDirect Government (iDirectGov)—Innovation from the Start — A Personal View, by John Ratigan, President, iDirectGov
The genesis of iDirect Government (iDirectGov) was delivered by a dedicated group of satellite communications experts who built a superb COTS product targeted at the federal government.
A New Pilot Program May Present A Challenge for Army Acquisition, by Bill Reiner, Senior Director of Business Development, SES Government Solutions
Last month, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA — www.ausa.org/) held their annual meeting and conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing Operations (CONFERS), by Todd Master, Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office (TTO)
Recent technological advances have made the longstanding dream of on orbit robotic servicing of satellites a near-term possibility.
SatCom Frontier Perspectives: The Man Behind U.S. Space Operations, the CIC Program and A Podcast Overview of Space and Satellite Trends, The following articles are courtesy of Intelsat General Corporation and are authored by the SatCom Frontier editorial department.
When the U.S. military needs satellite connectivity for any of its operations, it turns to Lt. General David Buck, Commander of both the 14th Air Force of the Air Force Space Command and the Joint Functional Component Command (JFCC) for Space under the U.S. Strategic Command.
recon: DISA + Li-Fi, Li-Fi technology offers benefits in mobility, speed, cost, security
Light fidelity, or Li-Fi, is a ight ight ifidelity, or Li-Fi, is a ground-breaking light-based communication technology which makes use of light waves instead of radio technology to deliver data.
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