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COTM + BLOS, Hosted Payloads, Cyber Threats and more...
Dispatches Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
Dispatches Part II, Information & News, by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
The Mobile Battlefield: The Importance Of COTM & BLOS, By Simon Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd.
You are faced with the command and control of widely dispersed forces, often in a mobile role, in a hostile environment.
GovSat InSights: C3ISR Capability & Connectivity Anywhere, By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GovSat Report
Recently, I had the opportunity to witness a new and exciting solution being demonstrated that will augment the way the US Government (USG) approaches ISR, disaster response, homeland security, disaster recovery and connectivity in theater.
NSA "Commercial Solutions For Classified" — Addressing Key US Army In-Theater Comms Challenges, By Charlie Kawasaki, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Chief Technology Officer, PacStar
Currently, setting up a network in a brigade command post takes hours and requires 17 boxes of 1,000 feet CAT 5 cable, which weigh a total of 255 pounds, and specialized raised flooring.
SATCOM Frontiers Perspectives, Articles Are Courtesy of Intelsat General
These lessons are that a delay in updating concepts of operations to current technology can have devastating results.
The Hunt For Cyber Threats... A DISA Perspective, Hunt capability is the ability to rapidly discover and eradicate threats that try to evade defenses.
John Hickey, the cyber development director for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), at a recent Federal Computer Week Security Summit in the District of Columbia, said, “Anyone trying to secure their networks must have some kind of hunt capability."
Launching Into Space 3.0... An Interorbital Systems Perspective, By Randa Relich Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Interorbital Systems
Lowering rocket manufacturing and launch costs is the goal of many firms and entrepreneurs within this industry as the drive to access New Space—or, Space 3.0—becomes more and more important to revenue health.
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