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Dispatches I, NRO • CACI International • Falcon 9 • Spire Global • PAR Technology • NIC4
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches II, DARPA • Sidus • Space + USSF Space Test • Raytheon Intelligence & Space • Terran Orbital
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches III, Gilmour Space • New Air Force Assistant Secretary • GPS Source • Viasat
Government and Industry News from the Editors
It’s Not Too Late To Secure Space..., Dr. Ang Cui, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Red Balloon Security
The Ukrainian conflict has amplified serious questions about cybersecurity at every link in aerospace deployments.
5G Stand Alone Networks Set to Transform Defense Comms, Dr. Rajeev Gopal, Vice President, Advanced Systems, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
5G networks promise to transform how the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) manages its military installations, maintains its equipment, deploys its troops, and defends the country.
Space Systems Command — Accelerating The Future Of Space , New SSC innovation and prototyping Delta combines acquisition, Prototyping, Testing and space operations to outpace the threat
In order to outpace increasing threats from adversaries, innovation has to mean something.
U.S. Army Advances New Comms Network Baseline, Claire Heininger and Amy Walker
It is clear that the U.S. Army must rely on an integrated, adaptive communications network to accomplish its missions.
DISA + U.S. Army Reset Teaming Efforts To Support 24/7 Cyber Mission, Renee Hatcher, Digital Communications, DISA Cyberspace Ops Directorate
DISA has a lethal cyber capability in the Army Reserve Element that has not yet been realized or used.
Government Satellite Report, Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, Government Satellite Report (GSR)
Today’s advanced military platforms and systems are all network and software enabled.
Addressing An Accelerating Threat Environment: Missile Warning + Defense, L3Harris Editorial
As quickly as technologies advance worldwide, global threats continue to rapidly increase. 
Focus: Viasat Government Systems, The Viasat editorial team
The U.S. military is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. 
A Secure World Foundation Executive Summary Global Counterspace Capabilities Report, Dr. Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning, and, Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director
The space domain is undergoing a significant set of changes.
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