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December 2020 Edition
Recon: Space & Missile Systems Center, SCINET Software Application Speeds Security Access for Space Professionals and Beyond
SMC Partnership Fuels Innnovation
Command Center: Frank Backes, Senior Vice President, Kratos Space Federal
One of the innovative ways that Kratos is supporting the military’s effort is with a new software-defined satellite ground platform.
Recon: Space Foundation, By Tom Zelibor, Chief Executive Officer, Space Foundation
For as long as history has recorded military efforts, holding the high ground has always been one of the keys to success.
Recon: Yahsat Government Solutions, By Eisa Al Shamsi, Deputy General Manager, Yahsat Government Solutions
Critical communications between Command Centers and troops in the field call for systems that are reliable, available and secure. 
Recon: Advantech Wireless Technologies, By Cristi Damian, Vice President, Business Development
The US Department of Navy published ‘Copernicus,’ a battlefield communications modernization abstract that brought the term ‘Network Centric Warfare’ (NCW) into the light. 
Year in Review 2020: Part I, AvL Technologies • Cobham SATCOM • EM Solutions • ND SatCom
Industry Wide Commentary on the Year's Events and Expectations for 2021.
Year in Review 2020: Part II, Paradigm • SatADSL • Spaceflight • ST Engineering iDirect • Wavestream •
Industry Wide Commentary on the Year's Events and Expectations for 2021
iDirect Government — Year in Review, The seamless integration into the iDirect Government products and family happened successfully this year.
Building on our 2019 acquisition of Mountain View, CA-based Glowlink Technologies, 2020 can be summed up for us as “sleight of hand.”
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