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ISR (C4/C5/C6), UVA Comms, Geospatial Intelligence, Strategic Persepectives, Anti-Jam Technologies
Dispatches Part I, Eutelsat + OneWeb • ULA • Raytheon Intelligence & Space • Lockheed Martin • Space Flight Laboratory • Virgin Orbit • SpaceLink + Mynaric
Information and News from the Editors
Dispatches Part II, Virgin Orbit • Hughes + OneWeb • Loft Orbital • SES Government Services • U.S. Space Force • Paradigm
Information and News from the Editors
Dispatches Part III, Eclypsium • Kratos • Space Micro • Solstar Space • ThinKom • Lockheed Martin • Sierra Nevada Corp. • Innoflight
​Information and News from the Editors
How SATCOM Vastly Improves Small UAV Flexibility, It’s instructive to see the relationship between distance and height
Technological improvements allow small UAVs to stay aloft for up to 20 hours.
High Availability Maritime SATCOM Starts on the Ship, Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions
Discerning customers who require broadband communications at sea are completely dependent on satellite communications
Resilient Networking: Delivering Mission-Critical Connectivity with Reliability and Resilience, A Hughes Tech Focus
OSNMA: The latest in GNSS anti-spoofing security, Maria Simsky, Septentrio
Technological  advances   allow   GPS/GNSS1 devices to become more and more reliable.
A Guide for Understanding and Assessing U.S. Space Sustainability Initiatives, Dr. Michel P. Gleason, National Security Senior Project Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy
The framework is implicit in the first ever U.S. National Space Traffic Management Policy.
Threats in Space Increase with Competition, More Space-Faring Nations, it’s not surprising that other countries could benefit with their own space programs
The United States isn’t the only space-faring nation on the planet.
Space Investments Have Paid Huge Dividends for the U.S. Economy and Security, Author: U.S. Space Force Space & Missile Systems Center
Unfettered access to space isn’t just a national security concern.
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