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Milsat News and Products of Note
The HPA Corner: Soon All Payloads in GEO Could be Hosted Payloads, by John Lymer, Chief Architect, Robots and Automation, Space Systems Loral (SSL)
In the near future, payloads will be hosted on self-assembling, modular platforms that provide plug-and-play interfaces and enable highly flexible repair and upgrade for both commercial and government missions.
For Emergency Responders...Network Resiliency Should Be Sky-High, By Tony Bardo, Assistant Vice President — Government Solutions at Hughes Network Systems and Senior Contributor
With hurricane season once again underway, as has just been aptly demonstrated by Hurricane Harvey, emergency preparedness has never been more vital.
Presenting Military Comms Expertise — Innovation is the Key to Success in the Warfighting Domain, by Maryann Lawlor, Director of Communications, AFCEA International
Threats in the cyber domain are only one of the challenges military communicators face today.
Technically Speaking: Switching Between Satellites with Different Polarization Types, by Dr. John Ness, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, and Marshall Lewis, RF Engineer, EM Solutions
Militaries around the world are seeking “assured communications.” Assuredness comes from multiple factors, including redundancy in components and systems that are resilient to weather, attack, or congestion — the ability to automatically switch frequency bands and satellites can help increase assuredness.
Understanding the Realities of Implementing A Hosted Payload Program at a University, by Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, Government Satellite Report, and Senior Contributor
In April of 2015, NASA announced the selection of SES to host the agency's Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) payload aboard the SES-14 spacecraft — the GOLD payload is an ultraviolet (UV) imaging spectrograph designed to measure densities and temperatures in Earth’s thermosphere and ionosphere.
The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GDMSS), The GMDSS Task Force
The following article was prepared by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM—www.rtcm.org/) for publication at the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA — www.nmea.org/) infosite.
Fighting Organized Crime On The High Seas — An ImageSat International Innovation Focus, by Ori Zeisel, Business Development and Product Manager, ImageSat International
Coastal countries face a group of wily opponents: illegal and unregulated fishing vessels, their owners and the black market.
An Army Warfighting Experiment With Slingshot — A Spectra Group Focus, by Simon Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd., and Senior Contributor
Earlier this year, Spectra Group (UK) Ltd. successfully participated in the 2017 Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE17).
Supporting NGOs: A Conversation With..., Ms. Véronique Mortier, Key Account Manager, Speedcast
Ms. Véronique Mortier is a key account manager at Speedcast where she leads non-government organizations (NGO) and UN accounts, as well as enterprise and emerging markets.
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